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    Sport fishing is one of the fastest growing tourism niches in the world. Here in Brazil, where the main destinations are far from the big centers and the transport infrastructure is flawed, the industry presents greater time and money costs than elsewhere. With its expertise in air taxi, Flapper proposes to shorten these distances and bring convenience to a market that is continuing to mature. In partnership with the specialist Buscapesca, it is now possible to fly on private planes on your next fishing trip.

    It is estimated that 25 million Brazilians are adept at sport fishing, a sufficient public to move more than R $ 1 billion a year in fishing tourism. Founded in 2016 by fishing aficionado Leandro Louza Fernandes, Buscapesca emerged to fill gaps that existed in this market. Established as a platform for comparing prices of products and trips, it has evolved to become a marketplace aimed exclusively at fishing.

    The partnership between Flapper and Buscapesca aims to inaugurate a new phase in fishing tourism in Brazil. With the offer of private flights in regulated companies and travel packages curated by specialists, the Brazilian fisherman now has the opportunity to make trips with comfort and practicality unprecedented in the country.

    Top destinations

    The North and Center-West regions are the largest centers of sport tourism in Brazil, but they are not the only ones to offer unique experiences in this market. The CEO of Buscapesca highlights its predetermined routes, departing from all capitals, to top destinations in the country.

    Pousadas (inns) in the Amazon region are accessible through the airports of Manaus (SBEG and SWFN) and Barcelos (SWBC). The Pantanal of Mato Grosso has the airports of Cuiabá (SBCY) and Cáceres (SWKC). In the state of Goiás, São Miguel do Araguaia (SQM) serves the coveted region of the Araguaia River.

    In addition, for those who prefer oceanic destinations, Salvador (SBSV) and Aracaju (SBAR) are excellent options. In the lake segment, Três Lagoas (SSTL), in Mato Grosso do Sul, Três Marias (SNAS), in Minas Gerais, and Serra da Mesa (SBMC), in Goiás, are the highlights.

    What to take

    It is assumed that fishing trips require a complex and bulky apparatus, such as boats, equipment, and tools. When traveling on board with Flapper, passengers will not have to worry about that, thanks to the all inclusive packages that Buscapesca works with. Fernandes states that his clients “leave home with a fishing bag, a rod tube, a suitcase of clothes, and that is all”.

    According to him, each package has its specificities. However, it is customary to offer, in addition to the daily rates at the pousada, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, snacks, boat, boat driver, bait, and even treats, such as ground fire in the lagoon or on the riverside. “Today the fisherman has become demanding, there are 6-star fisheries”, he jokes.

    Advantages of private flight on a fishing trip

    One of the factors that make sport fishing so connected to nature is the search for destinations little changed by human presence. The fisherman wants to travel far and reach inhospitable places. In a continental country like Brazil, this means long routes that involve hours of road (often unpaved) or stretches of navigation on the river.

    When flying for a fishing trip, the customer takes full advantage of the personalization capabilities of the air taxi industry. “Passengers fly at the time and day they want, leave wherever they want and land wherever they want”, reinforces Leandro, emphasizing the great advantage of not having to depend on the network and operation of commercial aviation.

    What many do not know is that several properties in the interior of the country have their own runways, capable of receiving small planes. In this scenario, depending on the destination of origin, the passenger can depart from the airport closest to his home and arrive directly at the pousada where he will be staying.

    Even if a runway or helipad is not approved by ANAC, it is still possible to use it after an evaluation by Flapper specialists, who will check the landing conditions and the appropriate equipment for the operation.

    For these flights, Flapper recommends the use of single-engine aircraft, turbo-props, and small jets. Models such as the King Air C90, for example, comfortably carry 4 to 6 passengers and have autonomy to perform flights of up to 6 hours. The Hawker 400A is the choice for airports with better infrastructure. It has the capacity to carry up to 7 passengers, in addition to having a flight range of more than 5 hours.

    Still, if the groups involved in the trip are larger, or if there is a need to fly long distances, Flapper has hundreds of models in its portfolio. Covering all categories of business aviation, there will certainly be an aircraft that meets your needs.

    How to book

    Details about the fishing trip packages offered can be accessed on Buscapesca’s official website. Through the Flapper application and website, the user has access to instant charter quotes, being able to define the places of embarkation and disembarkation, the date and time of the operation, and the type of aircraft or helicopter used. Customers can also contact our team of experts by Whatsapp and phone:

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