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    Charter an aircraft with Flapper

    CEO of Brazil's first boutique private airlines, Flapper. Previously responsible for marketing and global alliances at Easy Taxi, acquired by Cabify. Paul is a nominee of the 2017 Forbes U30 award and author of the guidebook for CMOs, called "The Chief Mobile Officer". An advisor to multiple technology companies, including Splyt Technologies, Farfetch.com, and Mastercard. A vast international experience, lived in 8 countries and commands 7 languages. Paul holds double MA degree and BA from Taiwanese, Swedish, and Polish universities.

    How much does it cost to charter a helicopter

    The minimum cost of chartering a helicopter in Brazil is R$3.620 on a flight between São Paulo - Guarulhos Airport. One of the most expensive charter flights possible involves renting a twin-engine helicopter on a long-haul flight São Paulo ... Read more »

    How much does it cost to charter a private jet

    Chartering a private jet can be one of the most fulfilling experience of your life. But how much does it really cost to charter a private jet in a place like Brazil?

    Flapper high-value cargo

    With more than 50 aircraft adapted to transportation of high-value goods in Latin America, Flapper is a regional leader in the valuable cargo segment. We count the most diverse and safe fleet and operate in several sectors.

    Covid-19: how we fight it

    Together with our commercial partners we actively invest in actions to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. Extra measures were adopted to ensure safety of the travelers and other stakeholders of our sector.

    Cargo Charter: Airbus A340-300

    A340-300 is tailored to meet the needs of passenger charter and cargo missions alike. With a total capacity of 291 seats, distributed between Business section (24 seats) and Economy (267 seats), it can be used for long-range flights between ... Read more »

    Flapper Air Cargo: Brazil – China

    To meet growing demand for cargo flights, Flapper's cargo department has integrated additional aircraft models into its partner fleet.

    Cargo Charter: Boeing 747-400 ERF

    Thanks to its large side hatch and a nose door, the 747-400 is a popular choice for international cargo charters.

    Cargo Charter: Boeing 767 F

    The 767F is perfectly suited for transcontinental cargo charters. This model is capable of ferrying 67 tonnes of revenue payload, reaching a range of 6972 km.

    Cargo Charter: Boeing 777 F

    The 777F provides more cargo capacity than any other twin-engine freighter. Thanks to its efficient engines and improved aerodynamics, it is also considered the world’s longest-range twin-engine cargo airplane.

    Cargo Charter: Boeing 787-9

    This popular airliner offers a total of 70m³ of space with 20 container positions and 16 pallet positions. Various types of cargo can be carried including medical supplies, FMCG goods and electronic equipment.

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