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    Air Taxi: Fortaleza – Jericoacoara

    Receiving more than 600 thousand people annually, the municipality of Jijoca de Jericoacoara is one of the most visited in Brazil, with a massive presence of foreigners. It is in Jeri, as the insiders say, where one of the ... Read more »

    Is It Possible For An Inexperienced Passenger To Land A Plane?

    It can look like the plot of an action movie, be the nightmare of those who are afraid to fly, or even the dream of the most heroic or courageous: if the pilot has a problem that prevents them ... Read more »

    Reasons to Cancel a Flight For Safety Reasons

    How many times have you been surprised when planning a flight and discovered that, for some reason, takeoff could not take place safely? The moments before a flight are very important in ensuring everyone’s safety and, despite the frustration ... Read more »

    São Paulo – Rio de Janeiro: Flapper Shared Flights

    Flapper will resume, as of May 13, Friday, its weekly codeshare flights on the São Paulo – Rio de Janeiro and Rio de Janeiro – São Paulo routes. Thus, one of the favorite services of air taxi users in ... Read more »

    Urban Transfer: What Is It And How To Hire It

    As the Brazilian Association of Helicopter Pilots has shown, in 2021 Brazil had a fleet of more than two thousand helicopters. Of these, more than 400 are in São Paulo, which is the largest fleet of this type of ... Read more »

    Private Jet Charter to and from Portugal

    Boasting a fleet of 612 general aviation aircraft (as of 2020) and over 12,000 takeoffs and landings a year, Portugal is considered one of Europe’s smallest markets for business aviation. Due to its limited domestic fleet, the majority of ... Read more »

    Air Taxi: Rio de Janeiro – Búzios

    JetRanger, Airbus Esquilo, Agusta Power, Bell 429… these are some of the helicopters available for air taxi on the itinerary between Rio de Janeiro and Armação dos Búzios – or just Búzios, as this municipality is popularly known, one ... Read more »

    How to check if a plane is an air taxi?

    With our consumption habits of services and information being increasingly tracked, it has become common to come across internet advertisements on topics of interest to us from companies we do not know. In business aviation, this logic is no ... Read more »

    Air Taxi: Sao Paulo – Ilhabela

    Incredible waterfalls, creative walks, charming trails, restaurants, hotels, and first-class kiosks… all that and a little more can be found in Ilhabela, a municipality located on the north coast of São Paulo. Due to the distance from the capital ... Read more »

    Can private jets fly internationally?

    When buying a jet, one of the main questions that concern those interested is: can private jets make international flights? Many imagine that travel between countries is restricted to commercial aviation or air taxi companies, but the truth is ... Read more »

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