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    Helicopters can fly at night? We tell you the details

    There is some speculation about whether helicopters can fly at night, whether or not the rules vary according to the country, whether twin-engine aircraft and instrument-vehicle capability (we will say more about this concept) are widely accepted in the ... Read more »

    Top 3 Trends which will Disrupt the Business Aviation Industry

    As the pandemic recedes, business aviation companies are left wondering what we've been through and what the future holds for the sector. With no doubt, the Covid-19 outbreak accelerated the development of a number of technologies vital for general ... Read more »

    Air taxi mobile app: what services can you hire?

    The services of the business aviation universe go far beyond the pure and simple chartering of jets. When downloading the Flapper application, users have four different types of services in their hands: charter flights, helicopter transfers, shared flights, and ... Read more »

    The main differences between private flights and air taxi

    Being used to flying in air taxi aircraft and owning a jet are completely different things. It may seem that there are many similarities between the two modalities but the truth is that, between regulations and practices, the discrepancies ... Read more »

    Air taxi quote: how to do it in 6 simple steps

    Many e-mail exchanges, bureaucracy and, in some cases, a headache: this can summarize the process of obtaining a quote for an air taxi and the hiring of these services in some traditional channels. But the worst of it is ... Read more »

    The impact of coronavirus on aviation sector in Brazil

    My forecast is based on the most-likely scenario of an L-shaped recovery. If it appears to be correct, August 2020 operations would be 77% below its 2019 values, while the domestic market could recover already in May 2021.

    Turboprop planes in Brazil: why so successful?

    Do you know why turboprop planes are a huge success in Brazil? Learn more about Brazilian general aviation market!

    Executive jet deliveries grow around the world

    Executive jet deliveries grow around the world. Learn more about general aviation development in Brazil and worldwide.

    G550 and G650 – A Pilot’s Perspective

    A comparison between the Gulfstream G550 and Gulfstream G650, from a pilot's perspective. Written by Ivan Luciani.

    How to become an Air Taxi pilot: a step-by-step guide for future professionals

    A step-by-step guide to become an Air Taxi pilot, with tips and additional information.