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    Saving time and lives

    In an emergency, seconds count. It’s of utmost importance that the right help gets to you without delay. Flapper Medevac is the region’s first integrated network of medical travel-certified aircraft, providing you with the most transparent and quickest rescue flights. Thanks to our proprietary flight tracking technology you can stay assured that we always offer the best-positioned and best-equipped aircraft for a given mission.

    Why Flapper Medevac

    Flapper Medevac alliance boasts a network of more than 100 medevac-homologated aircraft in Latin America. We are the region’s largest air charter company and possess more than 50 years of combined experience serving local and international clients.

    • On-site aircraft checks and the industry’s best safety vetting protocol, proudly signed by the US-based Wyvern Safety;
    • Proprietary inventory of helicopters and airplanes across Latam guarantees the quickest response;
    • Experienced team of City Managers will guide you through the process with transparency and compassion.

    As well as regular passenger operations, our Medevac transportation is being subject to extra disinfection procedures, following the strictest Covid-19 safety protocols.

    You can count on us for nearly any rescue mission, including urgent long-distance air escorts, private air ambulance and pediatric medical flights.

    Private air ambulance

    Conducted in accordance with the highest standards of business aviation, private air ambulance is the flagship service of our Medevac Team. The flights are performed using the latest-generation airplanes, including Learjet 45, Learjet 60 or Challenger 300-series jets. For short-haul flights you can count on the well-equipped fleet of twin-engine helicopters, including Airbus EC 135 – 155, as well as Agusta A109 – A119 series.

    The aircraft configuration is tailored to the needs of each patient, enabling a a comfortable and safe executive transfer even on long haul flights. Fully-adjustable leather seats or custom hinged mattresses can be offered for maximum comfort.

    The cabins on our partner fleet can typically accommodate between two to four family members or companions and one or two physicians. All accompanying flight doctors and nurses possess additional certification for air ambulance mission. An additional therapist or specialty personnel can be engaged for patients requiring oxygen therapy or those in need of mental health support.

    International medical repatriation

    With a fleet that can reach a range of 13’000 km, Flapper is perfectly positioned to realize even the most sophisticated international assignments. Our track records includes medevac flights for large groups on behalf of the WHO, religious organizations, embassies and governments.

    Within the Part 135 charter category, we can source aircraft ranging from mid-size jets, which comfortably seat between 6 to 10 people, to long-range business jets (10 – 18 seats), to regional turbo-propellers (19 – 30 seats). Our commercial jets inventory (Part 121) boasts VVIP airliners (19-30 seats), corporate airliners (52 – 300 seats or more) and specially configured Airbus A330 MRTT, able to transport 130 medical stretchers over intercontinental distances.

    Our flight coordination team will guide you through the customs and immigrations requirements, as well as medical documentation necessary to cross the border.

    Neonatal and pediatric air ambulance

    Whether it’s a life-threatening condition or a first trip home from the hospital, our medflight team is here to provide you with a safe ands stress-free travel. This includes selecting the right combination of equipment and medicaments, as well as assigning the the right team of neonatal nurse practitioners (NNPs).

    Our internal protocol is designed to provide tertiary-level care throughout the entire process of intra-hospital transfer. It starts with comprehensive briefing, composed of an interview with the doctor, assessments of maternal history and evaluation of the medical conditions of the newly born. The equipment used includes incubators, which keep the baby’s temperature stable throughout the journey, rechargeable oxygen cylinders, and cardiac monitor.

    Medical critical assignments

    Our flight coordination specialist will work with you to determine the most appropriate option to suite your patient’s medical condition. Those in critical conditions, such as patients in the intensive care unit with COVID-19 infection, will be transported using the most rigorous sanitization and safety guidelines.

    Some of the equipment used by us for emergency medical transport includes the following:

    • Defibrillators
    • Ventilators Oxylog 3000
    • Multi-monitors Phillips MRx
    • ECG
    • Oxygen tanks and regulators
    • Trauma kits
    • Stretchers
    • Incubators adapted to transportation of coronavirus-infected passengers.

    Typical ambulance jet configuration includes one stretcher and between two to fours seats for the companions. Turbo-props, such as Fairchild Metro or Embraer EMB-120, can be equipped with two stretchers and six passengers seats. We require between 2 – 6 hours for the fleet to be flight ready to attend to your request.

    Government & State Missions

    As an independent aviation company, Flapper has established itself as a preferred charter provider of numerous public institutions, federal governments and international organizations. Some of the advantages of our air escort services include:

    • Safety-vetted fleets across Americas
    • Assistance with permits and full coverage of landing fees and other costs
    • Special security considerations, including selection of the best FBO in a given airport
    • Long-term relationships with aviation authorities in Latin America and Africa, enabling us to support even the most demanding state missions.

    Our proprietary aircraft inventory combined with long-term relationships with the local carriers make us the most effective air ambulance alliance in the region. “First to respond, last to seek praise” is our commitment and promise to you as our future customer.

    Request your air ambulance

    You can use our website or mobile app to receive a near real-time price estimate for any route and aircraft available on Flapper marketplace. Once you select your desired option, get in touch with our Charter Sales Team to confirm the availability and the final price of the charter.

    We count with multi-lingual team speaking English, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. Our US-based legal entity and bank accounts are able to fast process international payments.

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