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    The 777F provides more cargo capacity than any other twin-engine freighter. Thanks to its efficient engines and improved aerodynamics, it is also considered the world’s longest-range twin-engine cargo airplane. A full payload range of 9,065 km allows it to fly between typical city pairs such as São Paulo and Miami, Los Angeles and London, Shanghai and San Francisco.

    The 777F brings new levels of efficiency to the long-haul segment. Boeing-made, it boasts operational design which complements the 747 cargo operations. With easy direct-transfer shipments, pallets of up to 3m (10ft) height can easily be transferred between the airplanes.

    The main deck offers 27 positions for standard pallets or a mixed heavy-load configuration with cargos of up to 21.6 tonnes in weight. The lower deck has space for ten standard pallets or six standard pallets and 14 LD3 containers.

    777-F Specifications

    Fleet in LATAM:<5
    Cargo load:97.000 kg
    Cargo volume:518 m³
    Hourly cost:USD 20.000 +
    Total max ULD:37 pallets & 27 PAP / 32 LD3
    Door dimensions Main:374cm x 305cm
    Door dimensions FWD:259cm x 170cm
    Door dimensions AFT:259cm x 170cm
    Door dimensions Bulk:84cm x 112cm
    Range:9.047 km (full load)

    777-F Layouts

    777-F Photos

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