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    Aircraft Charter / Cargo Charter: Boeing 747-400 ERF

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    Thanks to its large side hatch and a nose door, the 747-400 is a popular choice for the most sophisticated cargo missions. The upgraded ERF freighter version boasts a range of 5,700 miles (9,200 km) with maximum payload. It features the following specifications:

    • Strengthened fuselage, landing gear, and parts of its wing, along with new, larger tires;
    • Flies 326 miles (525 km) farther than the standard 747-400 freighter;
    • 40% more operating range at maximum weight;
    • Increased payload of 117 – 127 tonnes.

    Up to 32 pallets can be stored on the main deck. The lower compartment offers space for additional 9 pallets.

    747-400 ERF Specifications

    Fleet in LATAM:<5
    Cargo load:127.000 kg
    Cargo volume:755 m³
    Hourly cost:USD 25.000+
    Total max ULD:39 (main) + 9 pallets
    Door dimensions Nose:249cm x 356cm
    Door dimensions Main:305 cm x 340 cm
    Door dimens. FWD/AFT:170 cm x 280 cm
    Door dimensions Bulk:112cm x 119cm
    Range:14.205 km (full load)

    747-400 ERF Layouts

    747-400 ERF Photos

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