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    A340-300 is tailored to meet the needs of passenger charter and cargo missions alike. With a total capacity of 291 seats, distributed between Business section (24 seats) and Economy (267 seats), it can be used for long-range flights between Latin America and Europe or the United States. The aircraft features 9 private lavatories. Thanks to its low-noise, wide-body twin-aisle cabin, the A340 family continues to be a popular choice for group travel.

    The main deck can be adapted for special medical cargo shipments. Under it, the A340 features large cargo holds provide voluminous capacity for extra revenue. A total payload varies between 46300 kg for shorter missions to 42500 kg for transcontinental flights. The total cargo volume equals 230 CBM, more than any other passenger airliner we offer.

    A340-300 Specifications

    Fleet in LATAM:<5
    Cargo load:46.300 kg
    Cargo volume:230 m³
    Hourly cost:USD 20.000+
    Total max ULD:11 pallets / 32 cont.
    Door dimensions FWD:272cm x 167cm
    Door dimensions AFT:270cm x 167cm
    Door dimensions Bulk:315cm x 94cm
    Range:10.700 km (full load)

    A340-300 Layouts

    A340-300 Photos

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