• Author: Vinícius Novaes

    King Air 250 vs King Air 350: Comparison

    Known as the most sought after turboprop in business aviation, King Air planes are recognized for their iconic design, high safety records and versatility.

    Executive aviation catering: 5 facts you need to know.

    Executive aviation catering: 5 facts you need to know. For example: is catering included in the value of the operation? Check it out on the Flapper website!

    Air taxi in Porto Seguro and Trancoso in the summer season

    Air taxi in Porto Seguro, Trancoso and other regions. Panoramic flights on the local beaches and Praia dos Nativos. Get a quote in less than 10 minutes.

    Air taxi quote: how to do it in 6 simple steps

    Many e-mail exchanges, bureaucracy and, in some cases, a headache: this can summarize the process of obtaining a quote for an air taxi and the hiring of these services in some traditional channels. But the worst of it is ... Read more »

    Empty legs – advantages and risks in business aviation

    Empty legs, also known as repositioning flights, are last minute offers and unique travel opportunities!

    What is the chance of contamination by Covid-19 in business aviation?

    the chance of contamination by the new corona-virus in air transport is low and practically non-existent in the case of business aviation. Learn more in this article.