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    Aircraft Charter / Air Taxi in São Paulo – Where and how to hire

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    With nearly 70 aircraft approved for passenger transport and numerous bases spread across the state of São Paulo, air taxi companies form one of the most essential sectors for leisure and business flights in Brazil.

    In the article below, we will explore all places to hire an air taxi service in the state of São Paulo, in addition to presenting the aircraft options available in the Flapper system.

    Air Taxi in São Paulo

    Number of aircraft: 68

    • Helicopters: 29
    • Jets: 26
    • Turboprop: 18
    • Piston: 4

    The most popular air taxi service in São Paulo is the executive flight. With a fleet of 26 jets, with many of them of intercontinental reach, the city also leads the rankings of international charters. Charter flights to the North Coast of São Paulo and occasional panoramic flights complement the offer of air taxi in the capital of São Paulo.

    Most frequently quoted air taxi routes from São Paulo:

    Charter São Paulo – Rio de Janeiro

    Charter São Paulo – Brasília

    Charter São Paulo – Angra dos Reis

    Air Taxi in Jundiaí

    Number of aircraft: 15

    • Helicopters: 0
    • Jets: 4
    • Turboprop: 10
    • Piston: 1

    Jundiaí’s most popular air taxi service are for the executive and cargo flights. Leaving São Paulo, it only takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach Jundiaí by helicopter. The airport has numerous turboprop aircraft, including the Caravan Grand, King Air C90GT and King Air 350. The jet air taxi service in Jundiaí includes models Citation CJ1, Learjet 31A or Citation XLS.

    Most frequently quoted routes from Jundiaí:

    Jundiaí – São Paulo

    Jundiaí – Rio de Janeiro

    Air Taxi in Campinas

    Number of aircraft: 3

    • Helicopters: 2
    • Jets: 1
    • Turboprop: 0
    • Piston: 0

    With executive flights and transfers to São Paulo being the most popular air taxi services in Campinas, the city is home to Amarais Airport, dedicated exclusively to general aviation, as well as Viracopos International Airport, which has commercial flights to various destinations in the world. Brazil and also abroad.

    JetRanger III helicopters, available at Amarais Airport, are a great option for touring the North Coast. The model comes equipped with air conditioning, reading lights, headsets and leather seats and can carry up to three people. The Learjet jet is used by local executives for trips to Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and other business hubs.

    Most frequently quoted routes from Campinas:

    Campinas – São Paulo

    Campinas – Rio de Janeiro

    Air Taxi in Ribeirão Preto

    Number of aircraft: 2

    • Helicopters: 1
    • Jets: 0
    • Turboprop: 0
    • Piston: 1

    The city of Ribeirão Preto receives many corporate travelers, mainly from the agriculture sector, who go to close deals, hold meetings, technical visits, among other professional commitments. Therefore, the most popular air taxi service ends up being business flights.

    Even so, the air taxi service in Ribeirão Preto is limited, as most local users have their own aircraft. The Robinson R44 helicopter or Seneca piston aircraft, available in the city, are ideal for short trips to farms in the region. More demanding users generally opt for a sub-charter of São Paulo’s jets and turboprops.

    Most frequently quoted routes from Ribeirão Preto:

    Ribeirão Preto – São Paulo

    Ribeirão Preto – Rio de Janeiro

    Air Taxi in Sorocaba

    Number of aircraft: 6

    • Helicopters: 0
    • Jets: 2
    • Turboprop: 4
    • Piston: 0

    The most popular air taxi service in Sorocaba is business flights. In addition, the city also serves as a base for large jets and cargo flight operations.

    Sorocaba Airport offers Gulfstreams G450 and G550, used by the most demanding executive aviation customers. Another option includes the Embraer P1, widely used for cargo flights and transportation of value due to its rear door.

    Most frequently quoted routes from Sorocaba:

    Sorocaba – São Paulo

    Sorocaba – Rio de Janeiro

    Air Taxi in Vera Cruz

    Number of aircraft: 2

    • Helicopters: 0
    • Jets: 0
    • Turboprop: 2
    • Piston: 0

    The air taxi service in Vera Cruz is basically composed of two turboprop cargo planes of the Caravan Cargo model. Vera Cruz Airport, located about two kilometers from the center of this interior city in the state of São Paulo, has an asphalt runway 770 meters long by 20 meters wide.

    Air taxi in São Paulo – count on Flapper

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