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    Welcome to Stories, the official blog of Flapper, Latin America’s leading executive aviation company. Stories is a gateway for our users, industry professionals and collaborators to get to know better the fascinating world of private aviation. It’s here that will showcase the latest developments in the sector and publish relevant guides and news for upscale travellers and aviators.

    We welcome collaborators, guest bloggers and pilots to publish on Stories, and help us nurture thought leadership on the important topics of private aviation standards, safety and experiences. Clients are welcome to send their testimonials and travel guides, too! Just email our marketing coordinator at elisa.cuoco [at ] flyflapper.com .

    My hobbies include writing and wearing blue jackets. Join me by publishing your own compelling Story. Paul Malicki, CEO

    A bit about us. Here at Flapper we are passionate about technology and customer experience. The company was born of a need for accessible on-demand private aviation flying services, including flights to Premium destinations inaccessible to commercial aviation. Using our app and corporate booking platforms, passengers can book affordable turbo-prop- and helicopter flights, or charter one of 200+ certified aircraft across the country. We are proud to be Brazil’s first on-demand marketplace for certified jet- and helicopter rentals.

    Flapper’s value proposition is simple – to bring the most complete private aviation offer closer to the frequent flyers. This can be understood in two ways. First, by popularizing shared services, we aim to disrupt the existing market and effectively open private aviation services to the upper middle class travellers. Secondly, by aggregating the fleets of selected air taxi operators and automating the booking process, we solve the key paint points of the existing charter clients. Accordingly, the end price range for the flight between the popular São Paulo – Rio de Janeiro route can vary between 950 reais (US$300) for an individual seat in King Air B200GT airplane to R$11000-R$21000 (US$3000-6000) for a private aircraft rental.

    We believe in Brazil, its people, and excellent opportunities for growth in the region. Widely considered the world’s second business aviation market, Brazil has experienced an undisrupted growth of general aviation fleet in the last 10 years and is projected to expand at the annual rate of 7% in the next 5 years, second only to Asia Pacific.

    For more information, download our mobile app or get in touch directly through support [at] flyflapper.com.

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    Flapper is Brazil's first private jet by-the-seat booking app. Our award-winning technology draws together pre-scheduled flights and on-demand charters available in real-time, right at your fingertips.

    Choose from more than 210 turbo-props, helicopters and private jets all across Brasil and get an instant price estimate for your next charter flight. Browse seamlessly between available shared flights and empty legs. Receive real-time alerts and book and pay in-app. Save up to 60% on your next executive aviation flight thanks to our disruptive technology.

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