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Committed to zero accidents - zero incidents vision

Commercial aircraft only

Flapper works exclusively with certified air carriers, limited to holders of Part 135- and Part 121-AOCs. Both certifications encompass sets of rules that impose more stringent standards for charter and commuter commercial operations.

Commercial aircraft only

Proprietary safety audits

During our on-site visits we thoroughly review the documentation of air carriers, including airworthiness certificates, insurance policies and maintenance manuals. We partner with financially sound companies, which boast impeccable safety records and operate aircraft equipped with last-generation avionics.

Proprietary safety audits

Safety Management System

Flapper follows strict safety standards, in accordance with rules put forward in The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS). Although the company does not directly operate flights, it participates in numerous processes aiming at reducing risks and hazards associated with our commercial operations. The prerequisite for accurate safety evaluation is the data, which consists of five pillars: (1) Emergency situations, (2) Operational safety audits, (3) Changes to fleet and infrastructure, (4) Third-party reports, and (5) Other sources.

Safety Management System

Passenger screening technology

The customer identification screening system built by Flapper serves as an additional layer of safety and helps reduce the operational- and financial risk before and during the flight. All Flapper passengers must hold valid personal identification documents and display no signs of being under the influence.

Passenger screening technology

Flapper safety certificates

Promotion of safe and professional conduct of air taxi services in Brazil and other core territories of our business makes our ethos and defines who we are as a company.

Wyvern Safety
Top Quality Brazil


Flapper is proud to support the aviation industry's leading associations and the most exclusive business organizations in Latin America and beyond.


Safety certificates of our key partners

Our network of safety-vetted air carriers is core to the success of Flapper. Key partners of ours possess additional certifications which validate their safety performance and help raise maintain their safety records above those established by the local civil aviation authorities, including ANAC, DGAC, EASA and FAA.


The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations certification is divided into three stages and is based on the recommended code of best practices designed to help flight departments worldwide achieve high levels of safety and professionalism.


Divided into three levels (Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum), Argus is leading standard of excellence. The organization continuously monitors its partners and audits their safety records, pilots performance and emergency responses.


Wyvern registered operators are obliged to maintain regulatory compliance information related to the operator, aircraft, and pilots in ACES that is accessible to WYVERN members to consider when selecting air charter services.


The Basic Aviation Risk Standards is a global framework for aviation safety assessment. It was originally developed to meet the needs of the mining and resources sector, it is also used by other organizations that use aviation to support their activities.

ISO 45001

Focused on occupational health and safety, the ISO 45001 certification aims at reducing the occupational injuries and diseases and promoting and protecting physical and mental health.

Part 135 vs Part 91

Is it safer to fly in an air taxi-certified airplane? With the price of business aviation services approaching those of domestic first-class flights, it’s worth reviewing just how airplane certification impacts the safety procedures of domestic operators.


What is the chance of contamination by Covid-19 in business aviation? Of all means of transport, air is the one with the least chance of contamination regarding the new corona-virus. This is due to numerous factors, ranging from the booklet with safety protocols adopted by Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency) to the filters that renew the air inside the cabin during the flight.

Flapper MedeVac

In an emergency, seconds count. It’s of utmost importance that the right help gets to you without delay. Flapper Medevac is the region’s first integrated network of medical travel-certified aircraft, providing you with the most transparent and quickest rescue flights


Ganhe acesso exclusivo a voos de Empty Leg

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A Flapper não é uma transportadora aérea. Todos os voos são operados por parceiros homologados pela Flapper no que diz respeito à segurança e licenciados pela FAA / ANAC / DGAC ou autoridades equivalentes da aviação civil. Enquanto estiverem em aeronaves parceiras como parte do Serviço da Flapper, os passageiros estarão sujeitos à cobertura de seguro desses parceiros.