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Flapper and the business aviation market

Our disruptive platform


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The scale-up phase

In 2019, we grew our revenues by more than 250% and expanded our offer to international markets. Two routes were served by our shared flights, with up to 10 high-season destinations available in a pay-per-seat mode.


The startup phase

2018 was the year of go-to-market. Having registered more than 100 air taxi operators in Brazil, Flapper started offering its charter services nationwide and begun scheduled crowdsourced flights between São Paulo and Angra dos Reis.


The acceleration phase

In 2017, Flapper completed an exclusive accelerator program at ACE Startups. Together with the team of mentors and advisors, we thoroughly researched and tested numerous routes, air carriers, user experience components, and payment systems to derive at the desired operational model.

"Things are more beautiful when viewed from above." -- Alberto Santos Dumont --

Flapper hits a record number of international charter flights

As a growing number of airports face reduction in their scheduled operations, Flapper took a lead in organizing business missions and diplomatic assignments for MNCs and international organizations alike.

The impact of coronavirus on aviation sector in Brazil

Together with our commercial partners we actively invest in actions to combat the spread of the Coronavirus (covid-19). Extra measures were adopted to ensure safety of the travelers and other stakeholders of our sector.

Flapper completes its largest international cargo assignment yet

With the rapid surge in requests for international cargo flights between China and South America, Flapper expanded its offer to include highly specialized freight services including part-cargo and dedicated charter flights.


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A Flapper não é uma transportadora aérea. Todos os voos são operados por parceiros homologados pela Flapper no que diz respeito à segurança e licenciados pela FAA / ANAC / DGAC ou autoridades equivalentes da aviação civil. Enquanto estiverem em aeronaves parceiras como parte do Serviço da Flapper, os passageiros estarão sujeitos à cobertura de seguro desses parceiros.