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Before the flight - buying

How long does it take to confirm the price and availability of a charter aircraft?

Our intelligent quotation system displays a price estimate in near real-time. For business flight requests, we need between 15 to 60 minutes to confirm the aircraft’s availability. More sophisticated requests, including cargo flights, repatriation flights, or transportation of dangerous goods require up to 24h to analyze.

Does Flapper work exclusively with certified air carriers?

All flights are operated exclusively by safety-vetted aircraft, pursuant to Part 135 or Part 121 or their foreign equivalent. We work closely with local civil aviation authorities, including ANAC, DGAC, EASA, and FAA to make sure that each aircraft possesses valid airworthiness and maintenance certificates.

How much do you charge for your charter services?

Thanks to a high volume of sales, we are able to negotiate the best possible prices with the operators without charging extra fees. On average, clients save between 5 - 15% on their charter flights, thanks to the higher availability and fixed hourly rates we negotiate beforehand.

What's included in Flapper service?

Private jet and turbo-prop customers can count on lounge access and cold snacks and beverages free of charge on all flights. Helicopter flights require confirmation of available refreshment options before each flight. If you would like to request specific catering options on board, you may ask your City Manager up to 12h before the flight. All customers benefit from the personalized service of our City Managers, who guide them throughout the process.

Can I cancel my flight?

We have a strict cancellation policy, which might vary for domestic and international flights. Please refer to the cancellation fees stipulated on your charter contract or flight itinerary.

Before the flight - getting there

Do I need to do a check-in before the flight?

No, our team will automatically forward your details to the charter operator for the mandatory insurance application and registration with the national aviation authorities. If you need to make changes to your itinerary, or add more passengers to your flights, please consult with our City Manager for available options.

How to I know the exact time and location of my departure?

We will send you the exact address of the hangar together with the itinerary by email. Unless specified otherwise, access to VIP lounge (coffee, snacks) is included in the price.

Do I need an ID to travel?

Yes, a valid ID or passport is required before each flight.

Do you screen your passengers?

Our customer service team runs passenger background checks ahead of each flight. Passengers with a criminal record or those who have once been denied boarding might not be approved for flying with us.

Do I have to pass through an X-ray scanner at the airport?

About 95% of the general aviation hangars we use are equipped with metal detection systems or X-ray baggage scanners. For all international departures, passengers need to be screened using a full-body X-ray scanner.

During the flight

Does the crew serve catering during the flight?

Depending on the flight, weather conditions, and the catering option you purchase, the crew might serve you cold snacks and beverages during the flight. If the charter you purchased includes a flight attendant, you'll be served your meals or drinks at any time during the flight.

What if I start feeling unwell during the flight?

The crew, including the pilots, will administer first aid or implement an emergency action plan. All crew members are required to pass through first aid training under the international rules governing air carrier certifications.

Do all airplanes you fly have a lavatory?

All heavy jets and ultra-long range jets have an enclosed lavatory, usually featuring a sink, a mirror, necessary toiletries, and a vacuum toilet. For light aircraft and turbo-propellers, please refer to the amenities section on the selected airplane's page on the website or in the Flapper app.

Can I bring a pet on board?

In most of the cases - yes! You'll have to inform your City Manager before the flight about bringing a pet on board. On selected flights, a specialized pet carrier might be required. Shared flights have extra restrictions and you will be charged an extra fee for bringing your pet on board.


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A Flapper não é uma transportadora aérea. Todos os voos são operados por parceiros homologados pela Flapper no que diz respeito à segurança e licenciados pela FAA / ANAC / DGAC ou autoridades equivalentes da aviação civil. Enquanto estiverem em aeronaves parceiras como parte do Serviço da Flapper, os passageiros estarão sujeitos à cobertura de seguro desses parceiros.