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We draw together Brazil's best helicopter and private jet fleets to deliver a revolutionary private flight experience.




A step closer to private flying

Enjoy a hassle-free journey. Browse seamlessly through hundreds of available destinations. Book and pay on your mobile. Fly to Rio de Janeiro in 50min. No early check-ins. No last-minute surprises. It’s always the same personalized experience.

Have it your way. Indulge in a private jet experience or join other Flapper members on a shared flight. You only live once.

Near real-time jet booking

Instant access to more than 20 types of jets and turbo-propellers from Brazil’s best air taxi operators.

Pay-as-you-go heli flights

From 10 minute panoramic flights to sophisticated business services, we have it all. Pay per hour. Book now.

Corporate packages

Integrated with Brazil’s leading corporate travel systems. Enjoy scheduled flights and jet rentals.



Book in 30 seconds

Select your destination, event, or a smart deal. Book in three simple steps.

The transparency you deserve

Charter a private jet or a helicopter. Buy a seat on a shared flight. The best price guarantee.

Be in control

Pay through the app. Enjoy our personalized concierge service.




"Compartilhamento por aplicativo chega aos táxis aéreos"

IT Forum 365

"App permite que pessoas busquem e agendem viagens pelo Brasil. Passageiro pode comprar assentos disponíveis em um voo privado fretado ou "revender" os que não foram ocupados para outros usuários"


How fast can I receive a price confirmation?

For the most popular routes you can enjoy an immediate price confirmation. Combined aircraft-helicopter packages, overnight stays or international flights require up to 24 hours to analyze.

Are all your jets certified?

All Flapper partners operate exclusively certified jets, turbo-propellers and helicopters, regulated by the Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority under the RBAC 135 framework.

Can I buy an individual seat for an unlisted flight?

Only scheduled shuttle flights, including events and empty leg offers can be purchased on a pay-per-seat basis. Please share your itinerary with us and we promise to find you the best deal.

Are jets safer than turbo-propellers?

Not exactly. In fact, all of our turbo-propellers are among the world’s safest airplanes. Jets generally assure a higher comfort of the flight, while turbo-props have access to more airports.

Can you provide a personalized service?

Yes, together with our network of partners we can help you customize your flight (hot meals, personal attendants) or provide related travel services (bulletproof cars, hotels, others).

How do I know the exact location of my departure?

We will send you the exact address of the hangar together with the itinerary. You select the airport of the departure during the booking. Access to VIP lounge (coffee, snacks) is included.

Do cancellations happen in private aviation?

The cancellations in private aviation are less frequent, but they do happen. In case of unusually bad weather conditions, we will transport you to another airport to allow for a safe departure.

It all sounds too good. Do you charge any fees?

We are a group of technology experts with a passion for aviation. Thanks to a high volume of sales we are able to negotiate best prices with the operators without charging extra fees.


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Belo Horizonte - MG, 30130-174

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